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Make the Most of the Rocky Mountain Summer with Outdoor Entertainment

You May Never Want to Go Back Inside With These High-Performance Solutions

Make the Most of the Rocky Mountain Summer with Outdoor Entertainment

The Rocky Mountain spring is here in Aspen, and we get to spend even more time outdoors in our slice of mountain paradise. Of course, spring might feel like winter one day and summer the next, but that never stops us from enjoying all the nature that our area has to offer.

The great thing about Aspen is we can enjoy the outdoors any time of year. Even in winter, what feels better than a soak in the hot tub after a day of skiing or snowboarding? With all that we can do outside, why not make that time even more enjoyable with an outdoor audio-video system? We can relax to favorite tunes in the hot tub, and with an outdoor TV, we can cheer on the Nuggets in the NBA playoffs. Come summer; we can enjoy a great movie night under the stars in the cool mountain air.

Sound tempting? Read on to learn about some great outdoor audio-video solutions for your Aspen abode.

Enjoy the Ultimate in High-End Audio

The Mark Levinson 515 Turntable is Audiophile Nirvana

Enjoy the Ultimate in High-End Audio

When you get auto enthusiasts together, heated conversations may ensue. It happens at every level. Whether it's Ford vs. Chevy, BMW vs. Mercedes, or Porsche vs. Jaguar, each camp knows how to defend their marque's turf. Then there are the technology purists. For some, only manual transmissions can deliver an authentic driving experience. For others, no 4-cylinder engine, no matter how powerful, could compete with a V-8.

When it comes to audio, much the same disputes might ensue. And in audio circles, enthusiasts of the technological camps of analog and digital will wax eloquently over the superiority of each. Digiphiles will say that digital audio has greater dynamic range, and that digital stuff doesn't wear out like a vinyl record. On the analog side, aficionados will note that no digital recording can replicate the rich, warm sound of a vinyl record.

We can say that almost everyone is right. The Fords, Chevys, Porsches, and Jaguars are all fine cars, and they all have their strengths. Digital audio has its distinct advantages over analog. And there's a reason that turntable sales are resurgent, as their warm analog sound delivers a tactile and aural musical experience that might be akin to driving a fine sports car from yesteryear - one with a manual transmission, of course.

If you fall into that analog camp - and even if you don’t, but simply appreciate superior engineering and craftsmanship - we have a turntable for you - the Mark Levinson 515. This beautifully constructed work of audio art makes the perfect centerpiece to your high-end audio listening room in Snowmass, CO.

Savant Home Automation and Alexa: Command Your Home with Your Voice

Take Control of Your Home, Hands-Free

Savant Home Automation and Alexa: Command Your Home with Your Voice

Home automation technology continues to march onward, and it seems that every month there's a new smart device to control something in your house. Everything is getting smart, with software connected to the Internet that allows unprecedented control and features that would be a dream just a few short years ago. Smart thermostats, smart TVs, smart speakers, and smart appliances are all available to make daily life more comfortable in the home.

The real power of all these intelligent devices is when they start working together, doing things for you with very little or no input. While having an app to control a device is good, it's even better when you have a system to coordinate all those things. That's what Savant home automation is all about, integrating your myriad of smart devices and home functionality into a cohesive whole in your Aspen home. Effortless control is about more than reaching for your smartphone to turn on a light. True home automation integrated a variety of functions to accomplish a goal - be it for convenience, increasing safety, or managing energy more wisely.

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has become extremely popular because it brings easy voice control to many smart devices. As Alexa employs sophisticated voice recognition technology to provide information, answer questions, and many other functions, Savant has brought that advanced technology to its home automation solutions to add a new dimension in home control.

Read on to learn more about what Savant and Alexa can do in your home.

Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater to 4K

Get the Latest in Immersive Sight and Sound

Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater to 4K

You love home cinema. But is it the luxury of having a huge screen at home or the lack of sticky floors and overpriced concessions? Most likely both of these are highly desirable. Is there a better pleasure than settling into your own custom theater for a movie at home in Snowmass after a hard day of skiing?  We think not, although a soak in the hot tub is up there too.

If you already have that home theater, you may be lacking the latest technology.  Perhaps your mountain chalet came with an existing home theater.  Maybe you put the theater in yourself some years ago, before the latest 4K HDR and immersive sound formats were available. Your setup is great, but you'd really like to upgrade to 4K to take advantage of the new high resolution streaming shows on Netflix and Ultra HD Blu-ray movies, with their much higher contrast and detail. While you have a full surround sound setup, you may have been looking into Dolby Atmos and how that can provide an even more immersive cinema experience.

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a 4K projector to upgrade your theater – and perhaps take the next step to an even more engrossing sound experience -   we have good news.  Both 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos are widely available in a variety of equipment. What’s more, the amount of 4K content has increased exponentially since the early days of the formats, with streaming movies and shows from iTunes, Vudu, Netflix, and Amazon, as well as many movie releases on Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

Read on to learn about some custom home theater upgrade ideas for your Snowmass home.