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Articles in Category: Integrated Lighting Controls

How do integrated lighting controls differ from other smart lighting solutions? Learn more out how they offer easy-to-use solutions that cover your entire home, not just a few lights.

Set the Perfect Scene in Your Home with Integrated Lighting Controls

Manage Your Colorado Home Lighting with the Push of a Button

Set the Perfect Scene in Your Home with Integrated Lighting Controls

Imagine walking into your home at the end of a long day, and all the lights you need turn on with just the tap of a button. Now imagine consistent savings on every month’s energy bill. Both of these things are possible with a professionally installed integrated lighting control system. No matter the size of your home, Lutron products can help.

Integrated lighting controls create the perfect ambiance throughout your Aspen, CO home with the touch of a button on your favorite smart devices or a dedicated keypad. You can streamline your home lighting into one dedicated and easy-to-manage system. Keep reading to learn how you can go beyond the traditional dimmer and switch technologies and move into the future with programmable lighting controls.

Can You Really Benefit from Using an App for Your Lights?

Explore the Top Features of Integrated Lighting Controls

Can You Really Benefit from Using an App for Your Lights?

The famous tagline "There's an App for That!" has never been more accurate. For better or worse, every year there are more devices you can manage from an app. Until now, did you even know you needed one for your air freshener? Like with most technology, it can be hard to figure out which are novelties, and which have an actual impact on your life.

As home technology experts, we’re here to help! Not only do we help you figure out which smart devices are best for your Snowmass, CO home, but we'll also help you group them together for streamlined control. Deciding which to buy will be easier once you have the right information.

Lighting is at the center of the smart home revolution and can sometimes be the most difficult to maneuver. There are a variety of bulbs and even smart plugs that let you manage individual lights from an app. In this blog, however, we're going to discuss integrated lighting controls from Lutron that give you access to ALL your lights from one device.