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Enjoy the Ultimate in High-End Audio

The Mark Levinson 515 Turntable is Audiophile Nirvana

Enjoy the Ultimate in High-End Audio

When you get auto enthusiasts together, heated conversations may ensue. It happens at every level. Whether it's Ford vs. Chevy, BMW vs. Mercedes, or Porsche vs. Jaguar, each camp knows how to defend their marque's turf. Then there are the technology purists. For some, only manual transmissions can deliver an authentic driving experience. For others, no 4-cylinder engine, no matter how powerful, could compete with a V-8.

When it comes to audio, much the same disputes might ensue. And in audio circles, enthusiasts of the technological camps of analog and digital will wax eloquently over the superiority of each. Digiphiles will say that digital audio has greater dynamic range, and that digital stuff doesn't wear out like a vinyl record. On the analog side, aficionados will note that no digital recording can replicate the rich, warm sound of a vinyl record.

We can say that almost everyone is right. The Fords, Chevys, Porsches, and Jaguars are all fine cars, and they all have their strengths. Digital audio has its distinct advantages over analog. And there's a reason that turntable sales are resurgent, as their warm analog sound delivers a tactile and aural musical experience that might be akin to driving a fine sports car from yesteryear - one with a manual transmission, of course.

If you fall into that analog camp - and even if you don’t, but simply appreciate superior engineering and craftsmanship - we have a turntable for you - the Mark Levinson 515. This beautifully constructed work of audio art makes the perfect centerpiece to your high-end audio listening room in Snowmass, CO.

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Superlative Design

Mark Levinson is a brand well-known to audiophiles for over 45 years. Today the brand is part of Harman’s Luxury Audio group that also includes Revel speakers and Lexicon components. Despite its rich history, the 515 is the first turntable to carry the Mark Levinson name. The 515 was built in partnership with VPI, whose American-made turntables are well-known to audio enthusiasts.

With the 515, Mark Levinson set out to build no ordinary turntable. The substantial 20-pound aluminum platter and 3D-printed tonearm indicate that it is designed to deliver maximum performance. Utilizing classic belt-driven design and weighing a total of 58 pounds, this $10,000 paragon of audio engineering will unearth every nuance of sound in your record collection.

All the construction of the 515 is designed to deliver the sound without any added or unwanted noise. The belt drive is a triple one with a precision machined pulley for smoothness. The synchronous motor is powered by an analog oscillator and discrete class AB amplifier for perfect current supply. The chassis is aluminum sandwiched with a highly damped composite material. Everything about this component shouts the same attention to detail and quality you would see in a Bentley automobile.

Pair It with Mark Levinson Components

The 515 needs preamp and amp componentry that is a match for its superb quality. Why not go with Mark Levinson? The No. 52 preamplifier, according to the company, is the best it has ever made. The 52 keeps digital and analog circuitry separate for the best possible sound through pure signal paths. The No. 536 amplifier pumps out 400 watts per channel of pure Class A current and is stable to 2-ohm loads. There is almost no speaker that it cannot drive effortlessly. In both performance and aesthetics, these components would form the perfect complement to the 515.

Are you ready for high-end audio bliss in Snowmass? Let Campbell Audio-Video build the ultimate listening rig for you. Contact us; we look forward to working with you.