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Give Your Home Entertainment a Boost with VoIP

Learn about This Top-Notch Solution from Savant Smart Home Automation and AV

Give Your Home Entertainment a Boost with VoIP

Are you looking to take your entertainment center, whether in your dedicated home theater or multi-purpose media room, up a notch? Host the ultimate movie night or TV show marathon at your Snowmass, CO living space with Savant’s Video over IP (VoIP) solution.

This might sound like an unfamiliar smart tech concept to you if you’re used to Savant’s smart home automation systems and other AV offerings. But VoIP has the features you need to elevate your entire entertainment space for friends and family to all enjoy.

Want to find out more about this smart solution and what it means for your next movie viewing? Just keep reading on below.

Experience True Hi-Fi Sound with Modern Digital Convenience

Upgrade Your High-End Audio With Mark Levinson

Experience True Hi-Fi Sound with Modern Digital Convenience

For a long time, the high-end audio world resisted the move toward digital formats.  When the CD ushered in the first wave of digital music, purists initially waved it off as not as warm and nuanced as analog sources, like vinyl records. Over time, high-end audio vendors created precisely engineered and crafted CD transports that matched the nature of the preamplifiers, amplifiers, and speakers in enthusiasts’ hi-fi setups. 

Streaming music is now mainstream, and even die-hard audiophiles can’t deny the convenience of calling up almost any music track on a smartphone or other digital device.  Initially, the hi-fi world also dismissed streaming and downloaded audio as inferior quality sound.  But with the advent of high-resolution music tracks also available for download and streaming, it is now easy to get the highest quality of playback ever available. 

The high-end audio market has responded to this shift.  New gear from the best names in high-end audio now combines the best in digital technology with the best in audio electronics engineering to deliver incredible hi-fi sound from all types of digital sources.  And while some audiophiles insist on all separate components for their system – preamplifiers, amplifiers, and even DACs (digital audio converters) – there are high-end systems that conveniently combine all those into one unit that still provides audiophile-class performance.

In this blog, we want to cover our partner Mark Levinson’s latest line of integrated amplifiers – uncompromising components that combine the best of digital audio convenience with top-tier performance.  Read on to see how to upgrade your high-end audio setup in Aspen with the latest in digital audio technology.

What Can You Do With Home Automation?

Answer: Make Your Life Easier

What Can You Do With Home Automation?

Home automation technology continues to advance at a rapid clip.  The amount of things in the home you can now imbue with smarts continues to grow.

A slew of home control technology is readily available. Smart cameras, lights, motorized shades, thermostats, sensors, smart speakers, and more can be found.  Some work well together, some not so much.

True home automation is seamless.  If you want the real luxury of a home automation system for your Dallas home, you’re going to want a professional integrator – like us. We can sort through the technology and the jargon to help you achieve the level of control you want. 

Keep reading to find out how home automation can work for you. 

7 Easy Home Automation Tips to Start Protecting Your Property Right Now

The Simple Guide to Staying Safe This Winter

7 Easy Home Automation Tips to Start Protecting Your Property Right Now

Winter is almost here and that means the kids will be out of school, the family will be in town and you’re going to be hosting plenty of get-togethers at your Fort Lauderdale, FL home. But with all that foot traffic comes potential dangers. Of course, you don’t have to leave your home exposed – instead, here are a few easy tips for using your home automation system to protect your property. Ready to find out more? Keep reading.