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Savant Home Automation and Alexa: Command Your Home with Your Voice

Take Control of Your Home, Hands-Free

Savant Home Automation and Alexa: Command Your Home with Your Voice

Home automation technology continues to march onward, and it seems that every month there's a new smart device to control something in your house. Everything is getting smart, with software connected to the Internet that allows unprecedented control and features that would be a dream just a few short years ago. Smart thermostats, smart TVs, smart speakers, and smart appliances are all available to make daily life more comfortable in the home.

The real power of all these intelligent devices is when they start working together, doing things for you with very little or no input. While having an app to control a device is good, it's even better when you have a system to coordinate all those things. That's what Savant home automation is all about, integrating your myriad of smart devices and home functionality into a cohesive whole in your Aspen home. Effortless control is about more than reaching for your smartphone to turn on a light. True home automation integrated a variety of functions to accomplish a goal - be it for convenience, increasing safety, or managing energy more wisely.

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has become extremely popular because it brings easy voice control to many smart devices. As Alexa employs sophisticated voice recognition technology to provide information, answer questions, and many other functions, Savant has brought that advanced technology to its home automation solutions to add a new dimension in home control.

Read on to learn more about what Savant and Alexa can do in your home.

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The Convenience of Voice

Even with apps, screens, and buttons, sometimes your hands get tied up. Often while in the middle of a making a recipe, your hands may not be clean and you need more light. A quick voice command to "turn on under-counter lights" will illuminate your space. If you have a kitchen TV, you could even instruct your Savant system to turn on a specific channel or program to help you with your recipe. Voice control gives you the ability to multitask efficiently; your voice becomes the remote control for almost anything automated.

Setting Scenes

One of Savant home automation system’s greatest strengths is the ease with which you can design your own automation scenes without professional programming. For example, if you want to set the stage for watching a movie, you can record all the commands for that activity and save them as “movie night.” The whole sequence of turning on the TV, setting the right input, turning on the audio system to the right input and sound format, dimming the lights, and maybe even lowering your motorized shades can become triggered from one command. And you can tinker with that sequence as much as you like, having different ones for watching sports versus movies. When you have Alexa voice control to go with it, it’s as simple as saying “Alexa, movie night” to start it all off.

More Voice Power

Let’s say you have a hot tub or spa on your back patio, where you enjoy relaxing after skiing Ajax in the winter or a vigorous hike on Ute trail in summer. You also have outdoor speakers for some music by your spa, as well as soft lighting in the patio and landscape. In winter, you can have one command to turn on the spa to the right temperature, start a music playlist, and turn on lights just the way you want them. In summer, you might have that water temperature a bit cooler than 105 degrees. One voice command through Alexa can activate either one with just the right setting for the season. Better yet? Install an Amazon Echo dot speaker on your patio and tell your Savant system to change the music or adjust the spa temperature, or dim the lights more with just your voice. Even in the water, you’re always in control.

There is so much more you can do with the power of Savant home automation and Alexa voice control. Just click here to connect with us!