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Make the Most of the Rocky Mountain Summer with Outdoor Entertainment

You May Never Want to Go Back Inside With These High-Performance Solutions

Make the Most of the Rocky Mountain Summer with Outdoor Entertainment

The Rocky Mountain spring is here in Aspen, and we get to spend even more time outdoors in our slice of mountain paradise. Of course, spring might feel like winter one day and summer the next, but that never stops us from enjoying all the nature that our area has to offer.

The great thing about Aspen is we can enjoy the outdoors any time of year. Even in winter, what feels better than a soak in the hot tub after a day of skiing or snowboarding? With all that we can do outside, why not make that time even more enjoyable with an outdoor audio-video system? We can relax to favorite tunes in the hot tub, and with an outdoor TV, we can cheer on the Nuggets in the NBA playoffs. Come summer; we can enjoy a great movie night under the stars in the cool mountain air.

Sound tempting? Read on to learn about some great outdoor audio-video solutions for your Aspen abode.

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Outdoor Audio

Music can enhance any experience. Whether you're lounging on the patio, soaking in the hot tub, or grilling the perfect steak in the outdoor kitchen, your music can set the right mood and ambiance.

Campbell Audio-video is proud to work with Sonance, a pioneer in architectural and outdoor speakers.  The Sonance Landscape Series employs buried subwoofers and satellite speakers to deliver punchy, full range sound that is heard but not seen. The SonArray line is another series that can hide in your landscape and blanket an area up to 2000 square feet with rich sound. Other models can be hung under eaves or mounted on outside walls in a covered patio area. Speakers can be mixed to ensure even coverage with quality audio for your entire outdoor space. Of course, Sonance speakers are fully weatherized to withstand the harshest extremes of the mountain climate.

Outdoor TV

While we might like to enjoy summer movie nights in the home theater or media room, a fun option is to do it outside. With the swings in Aspen mountain weather, indoor TVs don’t cut it outdoors. You need TVs with housing and electronics that are designed and built to be outside. Seura TVs fit that bill, with screens that can get wet, and sealing that keeps out humidity, water, and protects electronics from hot to cold extremes.

Seura outdoor TVs are offered in a range of sizes to fit most any installation. The 86-inch size would make the perfect outdoor theater for summer movie nights. Seura has models that can go from full shade to full sunlight, which requires special screen coatings and ultra-high brightness and contrast capability. If you enjoy 4K and HDR content from Netflix, Amazon, or movie rentals, the Seura models are ready for it.

Effortless Control

Campbell works with Savant Systems for audio-video distribution, control, and home automation. The ideal outdoor audio-video setup is controlled by an intuitive Savant automation system. It can tie all your video content sources into your outdoor installation, whether it’s satellite, cable, streaming, or from your own media server. It can do the same for music, making all your music available from an IPad or iPhone on your outdoor system. And if you’re soaking in the hot tub, you can just tell Alexa to change the channel or the music with just your voice through the Savant system. Can relaxing outdoors get better than that?

Let us show you all the options for outdoor audio-video entertainment for your Aspen property.  Just click here to connect with us! We look forward to working with you.