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What Is the Best Way to Integrate Smart Home Technology?

Let Campbell Design a Custom Home Automation System

What Is the Best Way to Integrate Smart Home Technology?

There are a lot of reasons people opt to bring smart technology into their home. It can be to enhance their security, reduce energy costs, or simply have more fun. Whichever the reason, it can be difficult to decide which devices you should buy and how to install them. In this blog, we show you how smart home automation systems help you get the most out of your technology and how to choose the right one for your San Francisco, CA home.

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Know What You Want out of Your System

Before getting started, you should meet with your local home technology professional to find out the scope of your project. The biggest perk of a professional installation is that you can get a custom smart home automation system with exactly what you want. Our experts work with you to figure out which technology you should include and which areas of your property to cover.

Make Sure Devices Are All Working Together

A common mistake of DIY installations is that you end up with a lot of separate devices that fail to communicate with each other. With this approach, you lose out on some of the biggest benefits of smart home automation. Instead, you should opt for an integrated solution so you can manage all your technology from a smart remote, mobile app, or dedicated touchpad.

By housing it all under one system, you can also get all your technology working as one. Say a big priority of yours is to be more environmentally friendly. Your thermostat and shades can work together to reduce the amount of energy it takes to cool down your space. When the indoor temperature goes above a certain mark, your smart thermostat can automatically direct shades to close to reduce the amount of heat entering your home.

Strengthen Your Home Network

One thing that often gets forgotten during DIY installations is the network. All your devices will be communicating through this channel, so it will ultimately be the backbone of your smart home automation system. As part of your installation, your technology professional also needs to enhance your network so it can deal with the increased traffic.

This means upgrading your router to allow more bandwidth, adding access points to extend your wireless network, and boosting your security settings to protect your personal information and avoid third parties hacking your devices.

Leave Some Room for Growth

Technology is constantly evolving with new features and solutions offered daily. How can you make sure your home automation system stays relevant in a changing landscape? We design our systems to be scalable, which means they can grow over time. By working with a professional, it’s easy to add on new devices or replace older ones.

Are you ready to get started on your smart home upgrade? The first step is reaching out for a consultation by calling (970) 510-5489 or filling out our online contact form.