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How Important Is Lighting Control to Interior Design?

Explore the Stylistic Benefits of Smart Control of Lights and Shades

How Important Is Lighting Control to Interior Design?

There has always been an element of friction between technology and style. Interior designers constantly struggle to incorporate unsightly networking, security, and AV equipment into their plans.  The one exception has always been lighting control systems. Interior designers have always known how important the right lighting can be to setting up a home. New technology advancements have made it easier than ever for them to find the perfect lighting for every room and occasion. Below we showcase some ways your next Dallas, TX project could benefit from a smart lighting solution.

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Highlight Elegant Artwork or Furniture

When working on luxury homes, designers go out of their way to highlight the homeowner's favorite possessions. They could be a brand new piece of art, a Persian rug, or a hand-crafted wooden coffee table. One way to direct the eyes to these items is by dimming the other lights in the room while raising the ones directly above them. With a lighting control system, it's easy to create the ideal settings then save them so the homeowner can pull them up at a later time. You can even create scenes for each item, so they can choose which they want to highlight on a given day.

Give the Home a Temperature Check

One of the latest advancements in the lighting control industry has been the ability to adjust light temperature. Interior designers have known for years how important lighting temperature is to a home's style. Any change will significantly affect the mood of the space. For example, warmer colors are ideal for bedrooms since they encourage calm and relaxation. In the kitchen, a lighter temperature representing concentration and productivity may be more appropriate. Through a lighting control system you can make adjustments throughout the home until you find what works best.

Protect Fragile Decorative Pieces

Those valuable items that you want to highlight are often the most vulnerable. Vintage artwork or furniture are particularly prone to damage when exposed to sunlight. This means they’re relegated to corners of the room where you have to go out of your way to create a successful lighting design to direct the eye to them. Instead, you can incorporate motorized shades. Install photo sensors on the windows that close shades when hit directly by sunlight. This way you can extend the reach of your interior decor and place any items by windows.

Reduce the Amount of Clutter on the Wall

Designers can also benefit from streamlined control. Minimize the amount of clutter on the wall by centralizing control on an elegant keypad or dedicated touchpad. If you incorporate motorized shades, you can also get rid of wands and cords that often clash with more modern decors.

Help your clients create the ideal environment by incorporating smart lighting control in your next project. To learn more, call us at (970) 510-5489 or contact us online.