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3 Ways Motorized Window Shades Can Improve Your Interior Design Projects

Explore the Benefits of Featuring Motorized Blinds in Your Projects

3 Ways Motorized Window Shades Can Improve Your Interior Design Projects

As an interior designer, you are always working to deliver your clients a clean and aesthetically pleasing home.

You might not initially think of smart technology enhancing your projects – and instead being more of an obstacle you must work around.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Motorized window shades are the ideal way to bolster your interior design projects in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and beyond.

We explain how in the sections below.

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1) No Cords or Drawstrings

One of the most significant downsides of manual blinds is that you have to mangle with cords and drawstrings to use them.

Not only are they inconvenient to the end user, but they’re also an eye-sore. If you want to achieve a clean and sleek interior design, manual blinds are not the best option available.

Even cordless standard window shades can be unreliable – there’s always the chance that they get stuck at a strange angle and become an instant unwanted attraction to the eye.

Motorized blinds, however, operate reliably and appealingly with no cords or drawstrings needed. They can be a seamless addition to any interior design project with the help of a technology installation expert.

2) Flush-Mount Installations

As we mentioned in the section above, you can effortlessly integrate motorized window shades into your interior design projects. Here’s how.

Perhaps you’re working with a homebuilder on a new construction project. In this ideal scenario, you can include enough recessed space within the window to conceal the motor for a flush-mount installation. This, in turn, will result in genuinely clean interior design.

Maybe you don’t have that luxury, though, and instead, are working on a retrofit project without enough room to flush-mount shades. In this scenario, your local technology installation expert can help you find a motor solution that doesn’t impede your design efforts and instead flows with your overall plan for the space.

Now, you might be wondering how the end user will control their new motorized blinds. There are many options – they can use a remote or even their smartphone or tablet.

A more realistic scenario is that your client will request an in-wall keypad. In this case, the technology expert installing your shades also can flush-mount the keypad so that your design remains uninterrupted.

3) Automation Features

One other noteworthy benefit of including motorized shades in your projects is their potential automation features.

In a manual shading solution, your client might have the blinds raised – only to have direct sunlight enter the room and possibly cause damage through long-term UV ray exposure. Not only can the undeniable side effect of glare negatively affect your interior design, but you don’t have any control over the matter.

At Campbell Audio Video, we include photosensors in our motorized window shade installations, so that blinds instantly lower at the detection of direct sunlight.

If you include a custom lighting control solution in your project, as well, bulbs automatically will then adjust to the updated amount of natural light entering the room. This allows you to always have some level of control over your interior design projects, long after your installation work is complete.

We enjoy partnering with interior design firms in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the United States to include smart technology in homes across the country.

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